Friday, March 8, 2013

General Release Track features update 03/11/2013

The following features are intended for release to the general release track on Monday, March 11th, 2013:

Student Usage Report - This new report allows you to view total time spent working in Classworks instruction during a specified date range. This data can be viewed by school, teacher, class, or student.

To learn more, view the following:

Note: The report is only available as a scheduled report. Trying to preview the report on-demand will auto schedule the report. The report will have the ability to run on-demand in a future release of Classworks. 

Classworks Assessments on Tablet Devices - Students now have the ability to complete assessments using compatible tablet devices. 

To learn more, view the following:
  • The Classworks System Requirements provides important compatible tablet device information. For the best experience, have a technology professional check these specifications before using assessments on a device. 
  • To see the student experience, view the student introduction video. This video is provided to student before taking the assessment.

Release track:
General Release
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