Monday, March 25, 2013

Limited Release Track features update 03/25/2013

The following features are intended for release to the limited release track on Monday, March 25th, 2013:

New Functionality
  • District-level Calendars with Testing Windows - A new subtab has been added under Admin/Utilities where instructional and testing calendars can be viewed. The instructional calendar allows the user to set grading periods, mostly used by reports. The testing calendar allows the user to view the set Testing Windows for Fall, Winter, and Spring assessment administrations for their district. These testing windows are now used throughout the assessments as start and end dates, especially by Benchmark and Screener assessments.
  • Customize Assessment Options - A new pop-up is available when assigning an assessment. From the Assessment Palette, assessments are chosen and the user clicks ‘Assign Assessment’ to be taken to Customize Assessment Options pop-up. On this new pop-up, the user can select testing windows for Benchmark and Screener assessments, change start and end dates for all other assessments, and select to have Personalized Learning generated for assessments that are able to create ILPs.
Updated Functionality
  • Benchmark and Screener Scaled Scores by Key Strands - Benchmark and Screener assessments now calculate scaled scores by key strands as well as overall scaled scores for the assessment. These scaled scores are compared to target scaled scores for the testing window (Fall, Winter, Spring) the assessment was completed in. Reports and View Results have been updated to showcase the new time of year target comparisons and key strand scaled scores.
  • Classes Tab - Create ILP button has been removed from the within the Classes Tab to prevent confusion between import ILPs and assessment ILPs. It is still possible to create ILPs from import files from the Main Classes Tab, Admin/Classes, and Assessment/ILP Generator.
  • Writing Prompts - Projects that are considered writing prompts are now denoted with a “W.” when viewing activities within units and Search for Instruction screens. All assigned projects are still viewed under the P on Classes and Students Tabs.
  • Project Grading - It is now necessary to grade projects with both a percent and rubric score in order to provide a complete cognitive complexity index for each student.
  • Skills Snapshot: Mastery Measurement Report - On the Report Characteristics screen, the Assignment Results option has been changed to not be selected by default as many reports were being generated with over 2,000 pages.
New Report
  • Student Cognitive Complexity Index - A new instructional report is available from Reports Tab and Main Classes Tab that provides detailed information about a student’s instructional performance in Classworks based on a cognitive complexity index. This new report collects information about the student’s performance in activities, quizzes, and projects and also provides a summary of their rubric grades from projects. The report can be used to investigate work completed below, on, or above grade level using the appropriate selections of Foundation Skills, On-Grade Level, and Growth Targets, respectively. This report is only available by student, so please be aware that this report should not be run for large groups of students (i.e., an entire school or district).

Release track:
Limited Release 
The limited release track is a small group of users allowed to access new features as soon as Classworks rolls them out. These features have been through testing and quality assurance, but Classworks is looking for feedback and acceptance of these features before releasing to everyone.  If you would like to participate in the Limited Release track, contact Classworks Service and Support.
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