Thursday, May 23, 2013

General Release Track features update 05/27/2013

The following features are intended for release to the general release track on Monday, May 27th, 2013:

New Functionality

  • E-mail Subscriptions and Classworks Settings - E-mail notifications sent from Classworks now contain instructions on how to unsubscribe. Unsubscribing can be accomplished by clicking on the Settings gear icon inside of Classworks. This allows a user to Manage Subscriptions or Reset Password. Within Manage Subscriptions, a user can decide to not receive e-mails for reports and/or testing window expiration. District Administrators can also decide to not receive e-mails for end of year or beginning of year.
  • Initialize Classworks Process - A new process has been added to allow District Administrators to set up their new instance of Classworks (either new customer or post-End of Year). Selections include setting up district calendars and unique error messages. All selections can be edited in Administration/Utilities at a later date.
  • Technical Preview -- Unified Login Screen - A new login screen will be available as technical preview. This new login screen can be navigated to by removing the “TeacherModule/” or “StudentModule/” from the customer URL. This new login requires the use of username and password. Any user (teacher or student) with a username and password can use this login screen to log in and they will be taken to the appropriate module – Teacher, Student, or Tablet.

Updated Functionality
  • Customized Start and End Dates for Screener and Benchmark Assessments - It is now possible to customize the start and end dates of Benchmark and Universal Screener assessments within a testing window.
  • End of Year Process - The end of year process has been revamped. District administrators will now see a notice letting them know that it is time to close out Classworks for the 2012-2013 school year. Administrators can set up how they want their data archived and when. Once these decisions are made they are final.
  • Student Roster Report - In preparation for single sign on functionality, a field for username has been added to the Student Roster Report
Release Track
General Release 
This track is the general release of new features to all Classworks customers. Classworks releases features to the General Release track on weekends only, at least one week after the feature was released to the Limited Release track. An announcement will be made the Thursday before the release is scheduled.
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