Thursday, May 2, 2013

General Release Track features update 05/06/2013

The following features are intended for release to the general release track on Monday, May 1st, 2013:

New Functionality

  • Universal Screeners with Skills Snapshot ILPs - Universal Screeners now have the option to assign personalized learning ILPs. When Personalized Learning is selected within the Customize Assessment Options pop-up, the Universal Screener will assign additional Skills Snapshot tests based on a student’s key strand scaled score. The student will complete the Skills Snapshot test to diagnose specific skills a student needs to work on and then be assigned an ILP from the Skills Snapshot test results.
  • E-mail Alert for Testing Window Expiration - Fourteen days before the expiration of a testing window, class owners with Universal Screener and/or Benchmark assessments that have not been completed will receive an e-mail warning them to the closing testing window. This e-mail will also provide a list of students who have not completed the assessment. 
Updated Functionality
  • View Results - Assessment results no longer show in progress scores. This is true for the View Results pop-up as well as on the appropriate Classes and Student Tab screens. View Results for Universal Screener assessments has been updated to show which Skills Snapshot tests were assigned based on the student’s key strand scaled score.
Classworks Imports
  • ELS Common Core import
  • ELS MS Curriculum Framework import
Release Track
General Release 
This track is the general release of new features to all Classworks customers. Classworks releases features to the General Release track on weekends only, at least one week after the feature was released to the Limited Release track. An announcement will be made the Thursday before the release is scheduled.
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