Wednesday, June 26, 2013

General Release Track features update 06/01/2013

The following features are intended for release to the general release track on Monday, July 1st, 2013:

New Functionality
  • Administration: Adaptive User Bulk Enrollment - The Import sub-tab has been completely developed to make it easier for our customers to use. It now features a wizard to step customers through the import process.
  • Administration: Find Duplicate Users - Check for Duplicates button has been added to the Users screen for district administrators. This allows admin users to find and resolve duplicate entries. The wizard can check either a particular school or the entire database. 

Updated Functionality
  • Teachers: Improved Functionality for Create/Edit Class - Replaced the search results panel with new table to improve performance. The panel now loads 250 results at a time. A control below the panel allows the user to move to the next or previous screens for improved performance.
  • Instructional Content: Added Audio to Grade 4 Mini-Lessons and Quick Quiz - Audio is not available for grade 4 mini-lessons and quick quizzes.
  • Reports: Student Roster - The report now lists the student’s username. We added the ability to print individual cards with the student’s username, password, and the Classworks URL to use in lab settings.

Classworks State Editions and Third Party Imports
  • Georgia CCGPS Coordinate Algebra has been updated.
  • CCSS NWEA (web) format has been updated.

Bug Fixes and Maintenance
  • High Stakes Test Results Report footer overlap fixed.
  • Audio fixes for grade 3 in mini-lessons and quick quizzes.
  • The poem for Casey at The Bat activity is not accurate compared to the original publication.
  • Create Report button is clickable on Classes Tab.
  • When a user presses F5 the browser log the user out of Classworks.
Release Track
General Release 
This track is the general release of new features to all Classworks customers. Classworks releases features to the General Release track on weekends only, at least one week after the feature was released to the Limited Release track. An announcement will be made the Thursday before the release is scheduled.
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