Friday, September 6, 2013

Classworks Enhancements: September

News & Notes from Classworks

As part of our ongoing commitment to improve your Classworks experience, we are pleased to announce the following enhancements recently released in the product. 

New Classworks Reports

Personalized Learning Reports: Universal Screeners (US) and Summative Benchmarks (BM)
  • These two reports allow you to see which Skills Snapshots (US) or ILPs (BM) were assigned to students and the key strand scaled scores to group students in classes.

New Functionality

Email Verification: Teachers have the ability to add, edit, and verify their email addresses.
  • All new users will be required to log into the manager to verify their email address, which will allow the user to receive report subscriptions.
  • If a user changes their email, a verification email is sent to the new email address. Users must click on the link in the email to verify that they received the email.
Revised Administration User sub-tab: Making it easier for admin to search and modify user information.
  • When adding a new student user, you can now add the student to his/her class(es) via the Edit User pop-up.
  • Administrators can now search by multiple attributes.
  • Groups of staff or students can be exported and used in the bulk enrollment module.
Classes Import: Districts can now bulk import classes themselves.

Updated Functionality
  • District administrators can change the dates for the district testing windows up until assessments are assigned to students.
  • The Student Login cards now include the student’s first and last name.