Friday, October 24, 2014

Exciting Updates Being Released October 2014

Staff Dashboard
We are excited to announce that over the next 1-2 weeks we will be releasing our new Staff Dashboard. The Staff Dashboard will give you a quick and easy glance at data that can help you monitor the implementation of Classworks.

When staff members log into Classworks, the new default tab will soon be the Dashboard tab. From there, you can add various widgets to your dashboard. There will be 4 widgets included in the initial release that display district level data with plans to add additional widgets in 2015!

Enhancement to Universal Screener (US) Report
The US Personalized Learning Report will now include a list of students that did not meet the time of year target and also scored in a range in which no Skills Snapshots are available, such as in a Kindergarten range. This enhancement makes it easier for you to identify these students in order to take next steps. 

Re-sized Assessment Images - Grades K-1
Per customer request, some of the Universal Screener and Summative Benchmark images for grades K-1 have been re-sized to improve the student's experience while taking these assessments.