Monday, December 15, 2014

Sharpen Students' Skills Over the Break!

Students are excited for the upcoming well-deserved break from daily school obligations, and you probably are too! But, how can you help them keep their skills sharp over winter break and even during inclement weather? Prepare kids for a successful next quarter or reinforce skills they've learned with these Classworks activities and resources. 

Digital Math Resources 
The Classworks Hundreds Grid can be accessed on a laptop or tablet at Use the print option for students without internet access. 
Try one of these activities:
  • Strengthen number sense by having students complete a hundreds grid mystery picture (see samples). 
  • For a challenge, make the numbers larger or turn them into addition and subtraction problems. Tip: Classworks Hundreds Grid goes to 1,000.
  • Have students highlight their multiplication facts (ex. highlight products of 2-blue, 3-yellow, 4-purple.)
    Tip: Differentiate with different facts for different learners. 
  • Have students use the Notepad Tool found in Student Resources to explain patterns they see or print the chart and write out the patterns they find.
Classworks Units of Instruction
  • Reinforce skills by assigning Classworks units for students to practice. Use the Practice Unit Launcher (PUL) to embed units into your LMS or web page. Or, simply email parents the links to work on with their kids. 
  • Introduce new skills you plan to teach using the PUL. 
Ruleville Elementary Classworks Projects
Cross-Curricular Projects