Monday, December 1, 2014

Updated Functionality: December 2014

Student Resources

All student resources (notepad, dictionary, calculator, hundreds grid, and number line) will be enabled for all students over the next couple of weeks. This will allow students to utilize the tools while working in Classworks instruction without you having to manually enable them. In addition, all new students added into the manager will have the tools enabled by default. Based on the poll we launched in October, users overwhelmingly preferred the Student Resources to be enabled by default.

Staff Adoption Widget

This staff dashboard widget will slowly be populated over time to include log in data prior to the release of the widget. Once updated all customers will display stats dating back to the beginning of the school year. Some customers will have data from previous school years added as well.

Activity Name Hyperlink

Currently in the Teacher Module, clicking on the name of a unit launches the unit in the Practice Unit Launcher interface. Within the next couple of weeks, clicking on the name of an activity and clicking start will launch the activity in the Practice Unit Launcher interface as well.