Monday, May 19, 2014

Important: End of Year Process

During the End of Year process, student data from the 2013-2014 school year is archived in preparation for the upcoming school year. In addition, all students will be removed from their school groups and their classes.

You will need to determine which Classworks reports should be generated, saved, and, perhaps, printed PRIOR to the date your district selected for the End of Year process to be run. 

Please contact your Classworks District Administrator if you are unsure of the date s/he scheduled the End of Year process to occur. 

Need help? You can contact a customer care representative at

Friday, May 2, 2014

New Enhancements Released

At Classworks, one of our development focuses is to continuously improve your experience. This weekend (May 3rd) we'll be making a few slight changes designed to improve Classworks ease-of-use. The enhancements to the Classworks manager include:

URL for Practice Unit Launcher More Accessible
  • The Practice Unit Launcher URL is now available by clicking on the name of a unit from the created, preset, or shared sections on the main Instruction Tab. Learn more about the Practice Unit Launcher.
Assessment Exports Updated
  • The Assessment exports have been updated to include all students you select to report on. This allows you to easily sort the data to see who has not taken the assessment(s) yet. The exports are available for the following assessments:
    • Universal Screener
    • Summative Benchmark
    • Custom Assessment
    • District Custom Assessment
Improved Load Time on the Student Module
  • To improve the load time of the main Students Tab, you now enter filters and click the search button to load just the students you are looking to find.