Friday, August 29, 2014

More Than Remediation: Pinkston's Formula for Success

School: Pinkston Middle School
District: Mountain Home Public Schools
Location: Mountain Home, AR
Number of students: 600+ Classworks customer since: 2012

Pinkston Middle School was thrilled to accept the Shannon Wright Outstanding Middle Level Program Award in May 2014. The award honors schools with high achievement in academics including performance scores, student programs, and college and career readiness. Classworks is proud to partner with Pinkston to work towards these exciting goals and increase achievement for all of their students.

When Pinkston Middle started using Classworks they focused on students needing remediation. Using our Universal Screener they targeted students receiving 75% and below. Teachers assigned instruction that focused on the specific skills needed. Students were given time each week to work on Classworks instruction in the lab, yielding the desired results. “Students started feeling confident with their learning when using Classworks,” said Michele McWilliams, principal, “They were able to see immediate scores and results and this motivated them to want to do more.”

As the targeted students progressed, teachers at Pinkston began looking at ways to incorporate Classworks instruction in the classroom in addition to the lab. For example, 7th grade math classes are now using Classworks in their flipped classroom model. Teachers assign Classworks units for students to review at home, allowing class time to be used to apply the new skills and receive additional instruction.

For the 2014-2015 school year, Pinkston is planning to use Classworks new integrated reading activities to support their weekly direct instruction for whole class and small groups. “I’ve been using Classworks to assess my students and differentiate their instruction. Now I am excited to use the new reading activities in my classroom for whole group instruction to help my students meet the rigorous demands of the new standards.” Karyn Jones, teacher, Pinkston Middle School.


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Friday, August 22, 2014

My Scores Dashboard for Students

Presenting a customizable dashboard that lets students set instructional goals, monitor their own progress, and even share results with parents. 

 My Scores is designed to foster student growth, ownership, and self-motivation, preparing students for real-world, goal-oriented environments.

Ultimate Resources: 

Dashboard Video: Understand the purpose and benefit of each widget and receive tips on how to use the dashboard with your students!   
Gamification Article: While the new dashboard offers a variety of tools using game-theory, this article has some fun ideas to gamify your class beyond using technology. 
Decorate to Motivate: Use our free Bulletin Board kit to motivate your students. Have them help you decorate -- get creative!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Interactive Webinar Kick Off: August Schedule

Can you believe it's the start of another school year already? We're eager to kick it off by offering interactive webinars that provide insight and ideas you can apply in your classes right away. 

Classworks 101: Getting Started 
This interactive 90-minute online training session will share beginning steps to help you and your students get started with Classworks. 
  • Understand the Classworks Unit Structure and assignment process  
  • Preview instruction and ways to supplement with whole or small group 
  • Create classes, enroll students, and assign instruction and/or assessments

Maximizing Classworks Formal Assessments 
Get a better understanding of Classworks formal assessments. This includes: screening for readiness, identifying baseline learning levels, and measuring individual growth. 
  • Understand each Classworks formal assessment: Universal Screener, Summative Benchmark, and CBM Probes
  • Learn what each measures, the benefits of each, and the data you will receive
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Get Students Oriented to Classworks
How can you set your students up for success with Classworks from the beginning? Familiarizing your students with Classworks can get them started off on the right foot. 
  • Teach your students to successfully log in and navigate the Student Module
  • Implement best practices for introducing Classworks
  • Motivate students to take ownership of their learning in Classworks 
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Maximizing Classworks Informal Assessments
Get a better understanding of Classworks informal assessments. This includes: helping you diagnose areas of weakness, measure student knowledge, and measure individual growth. 
  • Understand each Classworks informal assessment: Skills Snapshot, Custom Assessment, and District Custom Assessment
  • Learn what each measures, the benefits of each, and the data you will receive
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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New Enhancements For A New School Year

We’ve had a busy summer! Our team at headquarters has been working hard to add enhancements and functionality you can use to make the 2014-15 school year your best yet! 

Integrated Reading
Brand new, high quality reading passages! These lexiled texts cover a variety of genres with a focus on informational text. Activities include text dependent questioning and paired passages perfect for weekly direct instruction. 

My Scores
Colorful and customizable student dashboard! Enable students to set instructional goals, monitor their own progress, and even share results with their parents. My Scores includes daily averages, time on task, and badges earned to foster student growth, ownership, and self-monitoring, and motivation. 
Science* on Tablets
The science content you love for grades 3 through 5 is now available on tablets, including Apple iPads. 
*Available based on district contract.

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