Friday, October 24, 2014

Exciting Updates Being Released October 2014

Staff Dashboard
We are excited to announce that over the next 1-2 weeks we will be releasing our new Staff Dashboard. The Staff Dashboard will give you a quick and easy glance at data that can help you monitor the implementation of Classworks.

When staff members log into Classworks, the new default tab will soon be the Dashboard tab. From there, you can add various widgets to your dashboard. There will be 4 widgets included in the initial release that display district level data with plans to add additional widgets in 2015!

Enhancement to Universal Screener (US) Report
The US Personalized Learning Report will now include a list of students that did not meet the time of year target and also scored in a range in which no Skills Snapshots are available, such as in a Kindergarten range. This enhancement makes it easier for you to identify these students in order to take next steps. 

Re-sized Assessment Images - Grades K-1
Per customer request, some of the Universal Screener and Summative Benchmark images for grades K-1 have been re-sized to improve the student's experience while taking these assessments. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Your Gift Card is Waiting—Enter Now!

You can still win—for October AND November! Whether it's the new Integrated Reading, student tools, or other instruction in the classroom, tell us how you're using it and how it's helping you and your students. We have ten-$200 Amazon gift cards ready and waiting—that's five winners each month!  

September | October | November
October 1 - October 31
November 1 - November 29

Submit your entry, see a sample, and review contest rules at

Our Classworks in Action contest is more than half way finished and the submissions have been outstanding. Check out some of our Classworks superstars showing us how it's done! 

Follow all of our social media channels for the most up-to-date information. We’ll announce winners on social media first.  

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Small Changes. Big Difference.

It happened again. We took your requests and challenges to heart, and we've have made a few enhancements that should make a big difference in your classrooms. Enjoy!

Student Resources On The Student Home Page
Students can now launch the student resources independent of activities, giving them more flexibility in their use. The notepad, calculator, dictionary, hundreds grid, and number line are all included. The tools, when launched independently, will always be available for students and do not need to be enabled by the teacher.

High School Math Preset Support Assignments*
Created to help schools prepare secondary students across the country, these assignments focus on foundational skills. You can assign these presets to students that do not have the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade skills necessary to be successful in the 9th grade math courses. Click here for a breakdown of the assignments available. 
*Available to customers who purchased Algebra and Geometry.

Auto Scheduled Reports
Reports may be automatically scheduled if they are too large to generate immediately. The report will be delivered to your email inbox as soon as it is ready. Be sure to verify your email address within the Classworks manager to ensure you receive the reports! 

Coming Soon: A Staff Dashboard
Soon there will be a new dashboard for you to more easily monitor your Classworks implementation. Similar in concept to the student dashboard, all staff members will be able to add various widgets to their dashboard. See below for a sneak peek. More details coming soon!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Congratulations September Classworks in Action Contest Winners!

Contest time is one of our favorite times around here and your September entries did not disappoint! The photos, videos, and summaries were inspiring. Now for the moment you've been waiting for — the winners of the $200 Amazon Gift Cards are: 
  • Lynne Baker (Eufaula Elementary, Eufaula City Schools, AL) 
  • Kelli Hauser (McMath Middle School, Denton ISD, TX) 
  • Alexys Sykes (Bryan County Elementary, Bryan County Schools, GA) 
  • Patti Holland (Jesup Elementary, Wayne County Schools, GA) 
  • Anna Beth Williams (Lawhon Elementary, Tupelo Public Schools, MS)

Another Chance to Win in October

Submit a Photo or Video and Summary to Win

We want to hear your experience with using Classworks in the classroom! Submit a photo or short video of Classworks in Action and describe how using it in the classroom has made a difference for you. Whether it's the new Integrated Reading, student tools, or other instruction in the classroom, tell us how you're using it and how it's helping you and your students.

Each month, we’ll pick 5 entries to win a $200 Amazon Gift Card. The contest runs through November, with a total of 15 chances to win. Submit each month — September's gone so don’t miss your chance to win in October and November!

September | October | November
October 1 - October 31
November 1 - November 29

Submit your entry, see a sample, and review contest rules at

Friday, October 3, 2014

You Ask. We Deliver.

Your feedback and requests directly affect the enhancements we make to Classworks. Help us continue to augment Classworks by providing feedback on some of our latest developments!

Integrated Reading - We want to know what you think so much that we’re giving away twenty $50 gift cards just for your feedback! Complete the survey by clicking the button below OR look for a similar Rate Integrated Reading button inside Classworks. Don’t miss your chance to win!

Student Dashboard - This is one of our favorite new enhancements. Do your students love it as much as we do? Are you using it to set student goals? Have ideas for more widgets? Let us know!

New Math Resources - Using the Number Line or Hundreds Chart located in the Student Resources library? Tell us what you think by clicking the button below!

Student Resources Poll - We've had some requests for the Student Resources to be automatically available for all students by default. What do you think? Weigh in below to make your opinion count!

Should Classworks change the Student Resources default settings?
Yes, I would prefer the default setting to enable the Student Resources for all students.
No, I would prefer the default setting to only enable the Student Resources when I alter the settings for a particular student.
Poll Maker