Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sync, Flip, Blend -- But How?

Have you heard of sync learning? Flipped classrooms and blended learning? Likely, you're hearing these terms more and more as new classroom technology brings learning models that stray from the traditional. These can sound great in theory; but how do you take these ideas and implement them in your classroom? Let's explore one of these learning models: Sync learning.

With sync learning, the teacher guides and facilitates the main lesson topic, while students interact with that content in their own way. Students may work on their differentiated assignment on a laptop, tablet, desktop computer, or using printed materials. 

A teacher may have a Classworks Integrated Reading passage on the interactive whiteboard. One student can be identifying unknown words with the dictionary tool, another might be answering questions and explaining their thinking using the notes tool, while a third is answering the open response question, and using the highlighter to go back in the passage to identify evidence. The teacher can circulate, using the teacher review functionality to monitor and respond to individual students, and then pull them back to the central sync point to clarify or address a common misconception.

Hear more about sync learning and other new learning models at one of the Classworks 2015 Regional Meetings.   

P.S. This week we talk about sync learning, but stay tuned for more on flipped classrooms and other learning models in upcoming posts.