Monday, March 9, 2015

Announcing Classworks All-Star Contest!

Spring forward means more than just warm weather ahead—at Classworks it means contest time! Our 4th annual Classworks All-Star contest is all about you and your students! You're working hard and it's time to celebrate your success. 

Classworks will reward top users with: 
  • 500 T-Shirts for K-HS students 
  • Twenty $50 Gift Cards for Educators 
Students: Master those activities!
Students with the highest time-on-task and at least 70% mastery from January 1 - April 8, 2015 will be eligible to win one of 500 T-Shirts. 

Teachers: Two ways to win!
  1. Post a photo of your winning student(s) in their All-Star T-Shirt to Instagram and tag @Classworksweb (don't forget to follow us) OR on Classworks Facebook page. The ten photos with the most "likes" win a $50 gift card! 
  2. Tweet us at @Classworksweb with a description of how Classworks helps you create All-Star students. Our ten favorites will win a $50 gift card! 
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