Thursday, March 5, 2015

Coming Soon: Maximizing Digital Instruction

Enhanced Direct Instruction
Mini-lessons are getting instructional overviews. The mini-lesson, the direct instruction component of each unit, is used to introduce or review skills/concepts.  

We like to think of this new content as a little tap on the shoulder to give that extra bit of information needed to prepare the student to learn the upcoming skill. This extra support is ideal for:
  • Students learning the concept for the first time
  • Flipping your instruction
  • Supporting parents helping their child at home
  • Students that are transitioning from Spanish to English. The instructional overviews are in both English and Spanish.

Easily find activities best suited for interactive whiteboards, flipping the classroom and more...
Optimize how you search for and utilize our instructional activities to meet your needs. Examples:

  • Teacher Led: Introduce or review concepts whole class in an engaging way
  • Flipped Learning: Flip your instruction using activities with direct instruction of a concept so you can focus more on the application piece
  • Higher Order Independent Practice: Challenge your students with complex activities to apply concepts in different ways
  • Skill Reinforcement Independent Practice: Allow students to practice what they learned in the classroom at home or in a lab
  • Stations/Centers: Foster a collaborative environment by having students work together on activities that are engaging and challenging in a small group setting or during a centers rotation