Monday, March 30, 2015

Highlights From ASCD

I had the chance to join thousands of educators at this year’s ASCD conference in Houston. The focus was on two specific themes.

Student-Centered Education

Meeting Carla Hall at ASCD
Get the teacher away from the front of the classroom! Speakers discussed strategies from flipping the classroom to using QFT (Question Formulation Technique). The end goal: putting students in the driver’s seat while the teacher facilitates learning.

Personalized PD - Not Just for Students!

We personalize learning for students to align with their interests and readiness levels. What about our teachers' learning? Professional development needs to shift from one size fits all to a personalized plan addressing the individual educator’s needs and interests. Options, menus, and customized plans can make professional learning more meaningful.

Classworks is Ahead of the Game

I’m excited about these shifts and how Classworks supports educators as we all shift together.

Want to personalize professional development? We have a wealth of on-demand resources that can be used to create customized learning plans. Visit our Resource Center.

Interested in shifting your instructional style from Sage on the Stage to Guide on the Side? Use our Integrated Reading Activities to empower students to take ownership of their learning. Plus, Classworks Applied Mathematics (in development) will be key in putting the student front and center. Stay tuned for details!

Written by Jan Dierkes, M.Ed.
Classworks Curriculum & Research Specialist