Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Close Read for National Poetry Month!

April is national poetry month! Celebrate with your students by doing a close read with a Classworks poem. Try this!

1.From our Integrated Reading activities, choose a poem with an appropriate lexile level for your class. 
2. Decide how students will access the text. For example: 
  • Interactive white board
  • Small group, using a shared tablet
  • Individually, using a personal tablet
  • Hard copy (using our print offline capability)
3. Read the poem (1st time) - Focus on the structure
  • Use the yellow note tool to number the stanzas
  • Highlight (yellow) all of the words you do not know
  • Highlight (blue) words that appeal to touch, sight, smell, sound, or hearing
4. Class discussion - Focus on vocabulary
  • Use the dictionary tool to define unknown words
  • Go back to the yellow notes and paraphrase each stanza
5. Read the poem (2nd time) - Focus on content
  • Complete the text-dependent, multiple choice questions associated with the passage
  • Have each student summarize the poem in one sentence.
  • Use the following job aid to learn how to view your students’ work in the passage.
6. Share summary sentences as a class. Keep track of similarities and differences.
7. Read the poem (3rd time) - Focus on interpretation
  • Have students answer the last question (short answer)
  • OR have students answer: What do you think this poem means? Why?
  • Both responses should be supported with evidence found in the text