Friday, May 29, 2015

He Got His Confidence Back! One Student's Classworks Story

“Dustin received well over a passing score, Mrs. Cavannah. He did very well!” Gail Greenway, Principal at Swainsboro Middle School, emotionally shared the news of Dustin Cavannah’s success on 2013-2014 end of year tests. It was the news his mother had waited a long time to hear.

Dustin was a seventh grader at Swainsboro Middle School. For years he struggled with high stakes tests and had not been able to get a passing score. Mrs. Cavannah was proactive—always looking for ways to provide Dustin with additional support. But, she could see that he was becoming disheartened with school overall. Then came the exciting news about the 2013-2014 test. What led to his success after so much difficulty?  
Swainsboro Middle incorporated Classworks math instruction into their flexible learning plan for students. Using the results of the Classworks Benchmark Assessment, students were assigned individualized learning plans focusing on needed skills. They spent a minimum of four hours a week working on Classworks instruction. Teachers monitored their students’ progress and assigned additional instruction as needed, both in the classroom and the lab.
“Dustin was very discouraged by his test scores. I worried that he was on the verge of giving up on school,” said Dustin’s mother, Mrs. Cavannah, “I was so excited when Mrs. Greenway told me about his assignments in Classworks, and hopeful that this would be the extra help he needed. I can’t express how proud I was when after a year of working hard on his Classworks instruction, Dustin received even better than a passing score. I saw his confidence come back!”
Dustin was not the only student to see improvement in his/her test scores -- 85% of students showed improvement! “I think Classworks played a huge role in the success of our students in two major ways,” Principal Greenway explains, “Classworks provided the additional support the students needed with foundational math skills, and equally as important, it built the students’ confidence in themselves. They believed they could do well.”

Dustin, now an eighth grader, is using Classworks for above grade level math instruction! Swainsboro Middle continues to use Classworks instruction to help their students achieve success. Their teachers are looking forward to Classworks Applied Mathematics (in development) to support their goal of increasing student achievement.