Friday, June 12, 2015

Classroom Resources for Inquiry Based Learning

Think about your own years as a K-12 student. You learned facts, information, dates, formulas -- teachers had you internalize information, regurgitate it, and occasionally apply it. 

We are preparing students for different careers, a different world - the traditional classroom is being replaced by new ways of learning. Meet inquiry-based learning. mentions that Inquiry involves learners*:
  • tackling real-world questions and controversies
  • developing research and communication skills
  • solving problems or creating solutions
  • collaborating inside and outside of the classroom
  • developing deep understanding of content
  • participating in the public creation and improvement of ideas
One major shift is a student-centered approach, driven by real problems, where students are expected to collaborate to find solutions.

Sounds great in theory, but it can be daunting to dive in.

Classworks Integrated Reading and Applied Mathematics (coming this fall) are great resources to support teachers with this shift in teaching while incorporating technology into daily learning.

It’s an exciting time in education, but it can be overwhelming.

Use Classworks teacher led reading and math instruction to increase intellectual engagement and foster deep understanding in students. Gain the tools you need as we move to classrooms that nurture scientists, entrepreneurs, and artists.