Monday, July 27, 2015

Increased Confidence, Improved Grades: A Teacher's Glowing Thank You!

This glowing thank you was sent to us by a teacher at Gwinnett County Public Schools. Grayson Elementary is truly taking advantage of the many ways Classworks can be used to increase achievement! 
Dear Classworks, 
Last week I was officially notified that all of my students exhibited 30% or more increase on their final exams! I want to thank you for enhancing the ability of students in my classroom, as well as all of GCPS through access to Classworks.
I started using Classworks in my classroom in January after attending a Classworks professional development session. I had a 1:1 training session on assigning students individual lessons and enhancing my Cyber Day assignments. I returned to my school that day and discussed what I'd learned with my colleagues. I stayed after school and assigned lessons that were conceptually in line with our lesson plans but scaffolded to meet individual student needs.

As our Classworks skills increased we used some lessons as whole group activities and others to model concepts/skills from the AKS/CC standards. I was able to differentiate with each lesson and monitor student activity in real-time.
My students were showing growth every week. This growth included but is not limited to: Increased confidence in students and their ability to use technology and work at a level that assisted them in increasing their skills and knowledge, better grades on traditional (paper-pencil test), as well as those offered through Classworks, increased ability to read and take tests through reasoning and logic.
I could probably write another dissertation on this but I want to stop now and thank you again for Classworks!  

Sharon, Grayson Elementary School Teacher 
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