Friday, November 20, 2015

New State Standards Or Just a Rebrand?

As states announce their new education standards, a pattern has begun to emerge. The changes appear to be largely superficial – keeping the standards but giving them new names.

The Common Core State Standards – K-12 educational guidelines developed to better prepare students for college or careers – have come under a political firestorm. Some feel it is the name Common Core and the stigma surrounding it that is the problem. Others, like the American Federation of Teachers, feel it is the way the standards have been implemented and not the standards themselves that are the issue.

Several states are now rebranding the standards in the hopes they will have greater public support. Many educators agree that the Common Core’s focus on critical thinking and analytical skills will help students to be more successful in the global marketplace. By giving the standards a new label, states can keep the rigorous expectations of the Common Core while disassociating themselves from the controversial name.

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