Monday, April 20, 2015

Thank You -- Regional Meeting Recap!

"The sessions reinforced my positive impression of Classworks. It was nice hearing from experts throughout the country, and to see how teachers in other schools are utilizing it. It was helpful to find a way to relate to my teachers how others are using it."  
Susanna Zumbro, Gwinnett County Schools 
Charlotte, NC
Thank you for helping to make our 2015 Regional Meetings a success! Classworks delivered professional learning to seven cities. Nearly 250 educators participated in interactive sessions that discussed new resources for both reading and math instruction. Attendees left with actionable and realistic ways to implement education trends such as flipped classroom and sync learning.

Birmingham, AL
A highlight this year was that several of our developers attended. They were able to see how teachers are using the tools they work so hard to develop like the Number Line and Hundreds Grid. "We are often focused on developing these single components to the product. To get see how they fit into Classworks overall, and how educators are using them makes our work on them feel more meaningful." Clay Harris, Classworks Java Developer.  
"I love the Integrated Reading and am looking forward to the release of the math that is similar. Our teachers are going to love both of these products as they prepare students." 
Janellda Cain, Jeff Davis County Schools

P.S. See more pictures of the regional meetings on Pinterest! Plus, stay tuned for the results of our Integrated Reading Survey and find out if you won one of the $50 Amazon gift cards. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Coming Soon! Enhanced Mini-Lessons and Microsoft SSO

Over the next two weeks, the following will be released.

Enhanced Mini Lessons  Learn More Here
New directions for the Learn, Apply, and Review screens

  • Students know exactly what to do on each screen. The directions are available in both English and Spanish.
Additional instructional support is more accessible
  • The enhanced direct instruction that was released last month can be accessed while students are working in the mini lesson to further support student learning. The additional support is available in both English and Spanish.

Microsoft Single Sign-On
In addition to our Google Single Sign-On functionality, we are excited to offer the Microsoft Single Sign-On option for customers that utilize Microsoft as their district email provider.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Close Read for National Poetry Month!

April is national poetry month! Celebrate with your students by doing a close read with a Classworks poem. Try this!

1.From our Integrated Reading activities, choose a poem with an appropriate lexile level for your class. 
2. Decide how students will access the text. For example: 
  • Interactive white board
  • Small group, using a shared tablet
  • Individually, using a personal tablet
  • Hard copy (using our print offline capability)
3. Read the poem (1st time) - Focus on the structure
  • Use the yellow note tool to number the stanzas
  • Highlight (yellow) all of the words you do not know
  • Highlight (blue) words that appeal to touch, sight, smell, sound, or hearing
4. Class discussion - Focus on vocabulary
  • Use the dictionary tool to define unknown words
  • Go back to the yellow notes and paraphrase each stanza
5. Read the poem (2nd time) - Focus on content
  • Complete the text-dependent, multiple choice questions associated with the passage
  • Have each student summarize the poem in one sentence.
  • Use the following job aid to learn how to view your students’ work in the passage.
6. Share summary sentences as a class. Keep track of similarities and differences.
7. Read the poem (3rd time) - Focus on interpretation
  • Have students answer the last question (short answer)
  • OR have students answer: What do you think this poem means? Why?
  • Both responses should be supported with evidence found in the text