Thursday, August 27, 2015

Classworks Now Puts Your STAR Assessment Data to Work!

Renaissance Learning’s STAR reading and math assessment data now fully integrates with the Classworks suite of instruction. The integration gives you a seamless tool to personalize learning for students.

Classworks imports the STAR assessment data and delivers individual lessons for students based on that data. Students can immediately engage in Classworks instruction matched to their needs. The personalized learning paths are automatically generated by Classworks, with added flexibility for you to customize for each student.

We are excited to give you the power of Classworks instruction combined with STAR’s high-quality assessment data to efficiently and effectively personalize student learning.


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Monday, August 17, 2015

NEW Applied Mathematics by Classworks!

Brand new teacher led math problem-solving activities and resources are now available in Classworks!

Applied Mathematics by Classworks provides worthwhile, differentiated problems that address the same grade level standard. 
These engaging activities are your new resource for developing conceptual understanding, reasoning skills, and mathematical communication. 

They were developed with flexibility in mind so they can easily be integrated into your current whole class or small group math instruction.

Features of NEW Applied Mathematics                  
  • Content for grades K-8
  • 36 activities per grade for weekly instruction; grades 1-8
  • 22 activities for kindergarten
  • Three levels of difficulty for each activity covering the same grade level standard
  • Critique and precision problems
  • Designed to address the Standards for Mathematical Practice 
  • Student support: Digital tools, hints, canvas, audio recording
  • Teacher support: Talking points, common misconceptions, suggested manipulatives

See what Applied Mathematics can do for you! 

Coming soon, see what Applied Mathematics can do for your students! 

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