Friday, January 15, 2016

And The Winners Are...

In 2015, we launched the first annual Classworks Digital Learning Grant – a $2,500 grant awarded to three teachers to purchase classroom technology.

Your submissions were outstanding! Thank you for sharing how you are using Classworks in your schools and the innovation you have planned with additional technology in your classrooms.

Each of the winners effectively described how Integrated Reading and/or Applied Mathematics by Classworks is incorporated into their classrooms today. Plus, they outlined what type of technology they will purchase and how they will use it to maximize their use of Classworks for everyday classroom learning.

The response was overwhelming. We had such a hard time choosing only three winners that we decided to award four honorable mentions in addition to the three winners.


Becky Bullard, LaSalle Elementary School, 
Creve Coeur School District 76, IL

Class 2.jpgSMART 4.jpg
“I love having the opportunity to work with these LaSalle kids every day. Each day I work with approximately 50 different LaSalle students who struggle with reading in grades between kindergarten and 4th. Because they struggle with reading, as a result, they naturally do not like to read or practice reading. However, they love reading with Classworks! Classworks has been incredibly influential and has made a significant impact on their learning process. However, we do not have access to technology in our small group learning environment.” Read more.

Josselyn Draper, Three Mile Creek Elementary, 
Box Elder School District, UT

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 11.06.46 AM.png

“I currently use it as a whole group activity using the smartboard. I use the Integrated Reading to teach close reading and work on comprehension. I also use the passages in Integrated Reading as stimulus materials for writing prompts. We apply what we know about close reading and use the articles to do research for writing prompts I have created that go with the passage. We then write an essay based off the material in Integrated Reading and reference the material we used.” Read more.

Elizabeth Shores, Bearfield Primary School, 
Hertford County Public Schools, NC 

image (8) (1).jpgimage (7).jpg

“During my EOG review (April 2015), I reviewed tested reading comprehension standards by using the EOG LA in Classworks as a warm-up before the core instruction. As a grade level, we also assigned numerous Integrated Reading Leveled passages for students to complete for homework. These passages reiterated what we practiced during the school day. I strongly feel that this additional instructional resource made a great impact on my students' achievement levels on the ELA EOG test.” Read more.

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