Thursday, January 21, 2016

Do You Have Your Micro-Credential?

Digital Promise is a non-profit organization designed to spur innovation in education. One of their major initiatives is Educator Micro-Credentials -- a personalized way for you to gain recognition for the skills you master on a diverse range of teacher competencies.  

The Classworks Micro-Credential
We are proud to partner with Digital Promise to offer our first micro-credential: The Link Between Probing Questions and Student Learning. This competency-based learning credential focuses on using questions to build student critical thinking.

With Classworks Integrated Reading and Applied Mathematics, you already have rigorous instruction to build your lesson plans. We want to help you dig deeper with these resources while gaining recognition for mastering impactful classroom skills. Learn more.

How Does it Work?
Attending Classworks Winter Professional Development? You will learn everything you need to know to earn your micro-credential. This is in addition to becoming a Certified Classworks Trainer!

Can’t wait to get started? Apply now for the Digital Promise Micro-Credential. Your submission will be completed digitally. Once your submission has been reviewed and approved you will receive a digital badge to use as evidence of your professional learning.