Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Year New Enhancements!

We’ve kicked off 2016 with an exciting new product enhancement!

Teachers, you can now see at-a-glance how your students are doing on a Classworks unit you
assigned through your Learning Management System. This eliminates the need to look at each student’s Classworks results one-by-one.

The new student response grid includes student name, date submitted, and their score on the assigned instruction.

Our commitment to developing to Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standards is what allows us to work seamlessly with your grade books, Learning Management Systems, and other education tools.

Here’s a look at highlights from 2015 -- all available in Classworks now!

New Classroom Instruction

  • Applied Mathematics by Classworks is available to all customers! Brand new, K-8 problem-solving activities built to College and Career Ready Standards to support rigorous lesson plans. 
Enhanced Mini-Lessons
  • Language support was added so students can hear the instructions in Spanish or English. 
  • Students can click the robot within the Mini-Lesson to get additional instruction for the lesson. 
  • Instructions for Learn, Apply, and Review can be read or played through headphones or speakers. 
Single Sign On/Interoperability
  • Microsoft 365 email users can sign on to Classworks using their Microsoft username and password. 
  • Classworks and Google Classroom: Assign instruction, grade, and provide feedback on Classworks assignments right in Google Classroom.
Partner Integrations
  • Classworks added integrations with Scantron Performance Series, Renaissance Star, Let’s Go Learn, and Texas STAAR Assessments to generate customized, data-driven assignments. 
We’ll keep you posted on all the latest product news here. Plus, follow us on your favorite social media channel for updates on our contests, webinars and trainings, and more.