Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Reading Lessons for Presidents' Day!

Looking for Presidents’ Day activities for your reading lesson plans? Use our cross-curricular Integrated Reading passages!

Below are a few examples of reading activities you have available in Classworks. Your students can research facts they find interesting about the President or First Family referenced in the activity. They can write, draw, or act out what they've learned! 

Reading Activities
Primary grades: Dolley Madison
Grades 3 - 5:  Behind the President’s Desk
Middle grades: Panda Diplomacy

Quick tip! When you are in the activity, click the drop down on the top right to embed these links right into your teacher webpage.

You have 36 activities per grade level (1-8) at your fingertips for weekly direct instruction. Watch how one teacher uses an Integrated Reading activity to conduct a close read with her class. Want more? Watch how she also uses Integrated Reading for small group instruction using a mix of technologies.

P.S. Learn more ways to incorporate our teacher-led reading activities into your lesson plans at Classworks Winter Professional Development.