Sunday, May 22, 2016

Your Top Three Coming Soon!

Classworks is bringing you new enhancements for the 2016 - 2017 school year! The updates simplify Classworks and augment the current instruction.

The top three things you asked for, delivered! 

  • Assessment results and learning paths now stay with the student. They are not class specific. 
  • A streamlined process for generating Individualized Learning Paths. See students’ assessment results first, then determine who needs targeted instruction. 
  • No more alerts! 
Don’t worry! For the new school year, you will have access to webinars, Ultimate Updates, customer support, and your implementation manager to answer any questions about the new enhancements.

Don’t forget Classworks for summer school!
Prepare students for the upcoming school year. Give them added support to strengthen skills that need attention.

Get more inspiration from our YouTube library.  See Classworks in action in some of our partner classrooms!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Customer Spotlight: Incorporating Student Incentives to Increase Success

“Classworks is making a positive difference in my classroom, one day at a time! It’s a great learning tool that reinforces direct instruction in my classroom." Lindsay Foust, third grade teacher, Norwood Elementary.

We’re proud to say that Norwood Elementary in Tennessee–AKA the Norwood Jaguars–has been one of Classworks’ shining stars over the years. In the five years they’ve partnered with Classworks the school has achieved amazing success:

  • Increase in school ranking from #361 in 2010 to #17 in 2014, according to the Education Consumer Foundation (ECF)
  • Achieved an “A” in math, reading, and science for the 2014 - 2015 school year, according to the TN Department of Education Report Card, exceeding the expected growth for that year.
  • Honorable mention winner of the 2015 Classworks Digital Learning Grant 
The dedicated teachers and hardworking students have created an amazing learning environment to achieve success. They’ve also weaved Classworks into the culture of their teaching and learning.

Here are a few ways Norwood Elementary uses incentives paired with Classworks instruction to increase achievement.

Student Incentives 

At the beginning of the school year students receive this necklace. They earn charms by meeting Classworks targets, having good attendance, and offering a helping hand to fellow students.

The names of students performing well in Classworks are displayed on a bulletin board in the cafeteria and outside of their classrooms.

Teachers use Classworks reports such as the Assignment Results Report and Skills Summary to track proficiency each week. 

Classroom Incentives

Each paw represents a teacher’s class and their Classworks proficiency level from week to week. Each grade level with the highest weekly proficiency rate gets a popcorn party! 

Finally, high achieving classrooms get to adopt a toy for the week as their trophy.

Thank you, Norwood Elementary, for letting Classworks be a part of your continued success. We are looking forward to more great things to come!

For more ideas watch Use Classworks for Student Motivation on Classworks' YouTube channel

Friday, May 6, 2016

Congratulations Classworks All-Stars!

We're proud of our All-Stars! Winning students achieved the highest time-on-task and 70%+ mastery in Classworks. 

Teachers, you still have two ways to win a $50 gift card (deadline May 18, 2016 5:00 PM EST). 

  1. Post a photo of your winning student(s) in their All-Star t-shirts to the Classworks Facebook page or on Twitter (be sure to include @Classworksweb in your tweet). The ten photos with the most likes, favorites, or retweets win $50 gift cards (see contest rules).  
  2. Tell us how Classworks helps you create All-Star students (75-word minimum). Our favorite submission will be featured on Ultimate Updates. The winner will receive a $50 gift card. Email submissions to

Thanks to you and your students for making our 5th Annual All-Star Contest a success! 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

“It’s About My Students Improving Every Day”

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week we interviewed, Taylor Way, middle grades math teacher, at Bonaire Middle School.

Taylor began using Classworks Applied Math in her classroom in the fall of 2015. We caught up with Taylor during Milestones testing.

It’s been six months since you started using Applied Math. What changes have you seen in your classroom over that time?
I’ve seen huge growth in their math communication skills – verbal and written.

What has contributed to that growth?
We use an Applied Math activity to warm up in class several times a week. They are now accustomed to having a variety of options with the canvas to show their work. I’ve seen so much improvement in their written responses.

I still have some students that aren’t confident writers but are able to draw a model or record their responses. It’s great! I have so many more students eager to display their work on the whiteboard or answer one of the questions in the activity in front of their peers.

How did your instructional practices change once you were introduced to Applied Math?
My students worked on their Classworks Individualized Learning Paths in the lab, but I wasn’t using it in my classroom. Once I was trained on Applied Math, I started incorporating it into my lesson plans. The Standards Grid resource helps me choose the right activities for my lesson.

I have my students work in groups or as a class on Applied Math problems to introduce new concepts. And, I use it as a check to make sure they understand the concept before I move on. I also customize the individualized Classworks activities they work on in the lab. They get practice on skills that translate to a better understanding of what they’re learning in class.

How do you use Applied Math to support your students with a difficult concept?
Recently, I had a class struggling with Area of Composite Figures. I was able to find Applied Math activities aligned to a third grade standard to give them additional foundational knowledge. I had my students work through the Expanding and the Investigative (Critique and Precision) problems in class. Then we worked on the grade level problem again. I re-tested them and 15 out of 17 students’ scores improved!

You will be wrapping up GA Milestones testing soon, congratulations! How did you use Applied Math to help your students prepare for their high stakes test?
I pulled several Applied Math problems to use as practice. The format of the problems are very similar to GA Milestones. The Depth of Knowledge of the questions and activities that require explaining and defending their answers helped them prepare for what they would encounter with GA Milestones.

Overall, how do you feel about your first school year using Classworks Applied Math?
I’m thrilled with the difference it’s made in my classroom. I have one student, let’s just say she wasn’t a fan of math. I assigned her extra skill-based practice in the lab on Classworks individualized activities and then worked with her using Applied Math problems in class. She’s done a 180! It’s exciting to see her confidence grow as her math ability has improved. She raises her hand constantly and loves to share. It’s about my students improving every day and this resource helps them achieve that goal.

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