Thursday, July 28, 2016

New Back-to-School Features–What You Need to Know!

Welcome back! 

Classworks is unveiling new enhancements for the 2016 - 2017 school year. Here are the highlights.

Integrated Reading: New Content & Functionality
  • 183 questions added to provide 100% coverage of College and Career Ready standards 
  • The ability to move forward AND backward through the questions (we heard you!)
Individualized Learning
Based on your feedback, Classworks has streamlined the process for Individualized Learning Paths (ILPs). A step-by-step video and job aid is available in the Resource Center.

What's new: 
  • If the student moves to another class or school their assessment results and ILPs will stay with the student (they are not class specific) 
  • The district or school determines the type of assessment (you don’t have to assign them) 
  • Use assessment results to determine who should receive a Classworks ILP (you no longer have to decide ahead of time) 
  • New and improved ways to monitor your individual students (more on this next week)
Things you said you no longer wanted (so they’re gone): Instructional Alerts and Universal Screener and Summative Benchmark unlock codes.

Easier Report Generation and Scheduling
  • Generate reports from the Individualized Learning or Classes Tab 
  • Manage and schedule reports under the Reports tab
  • Annual Growth Reports for the Universal Screener and Summative Benchmark are available under the Individualized Learning tab
Getting the Classworks Year Started
Are you responsible for the beginning of the year Classworks process? Watch this brief Webinar and check out our page in the Resource Center for steps to get your year started.

Don’t worry -- ongoing webinars, blog posts, customer support, and your implementation manager will be available to answer any questions.