Thursday, January 5, 2017

Stay Warm and Catch Up With Our Top 5! ☕

Happy New Year! 

2017 is off to an exciting start! We're planning for our Winter Professional Development (sessions kick off January 24th), and reviewing your Digital Learning Grant applications! Winners will be announced here next week. Plus, we've got snow in our forecast (pretty exciting for us down south).

While you're staying warm and safe in the winter weather, take a look at our top 5 blog posts!

Ultimate Updates 2016 Top 5

5. Four Steps to Achieve Rigor in Your Lesson Plans
Practical ways to step up your lesson planning game. Rigor doesn't have to equal more work. It's about choosing the right tasks. 

4. Create An Optimal Learning Environment for Each Student! 
Group students, provide learning paths, and set goals to create a learning environment that meets all of your students' needs. 

3. Teach Paired Passages
A sample lesson plan and some pro tips to promote deep reading comprehension with digital paired passages. 

2. How Do You Know? Help Students Build Math Justifications
For students, using math language and putting understanding into words can be difficult. Help your students build justifications -- videos and a sample lesson plan are included. 

1. Content is Key: Transform with Technology
Devices are useless without the right educational content. Watch how one school successfully weaves technology into classroom learning using quality instruction. 

With 40 posts in 2016 alone, it was hard to choose! Need ideas on how to incentivize students, use math problem-solving activities with kindergarteners, or add a micro-credential to your teacher evaluation artifacts? Check out some of our other 2016 Ultimate Updates, and be sure to sign up!