Thursday, February 2, 2017

What's New and Coming Soon to Classworks! πŸ“£


Read Aloud Support

Read aloud support is now available for Classworks assessments and the Integrated Reading questions. Students can have the questions and answer choices read aloud to them.

Puffin Academy
Use Classworks instruction on iPads! Classworks activities can be launched on iPads and tablets using Puffin Academy. Learn more about using Puffin Academy here.

WHAT’S COMING (Spring 2017)

Individualized Learning Assessment Results View and Filter
An at-a-glance view of your students’ Individualized Learning progress. Easily see which students you need to take action on and what action you need to take. Who needs Individualized Learning Paths (ILPs) created? Who has new test data? See the information and take action from the Individualized Learning tab.

Plus, view each student’s assessment results in chronological order and the results of partner assessments (STAR®
, MAP®, Performance Series®, ACT® Aspire™).

Renaissance® Updates

Assign Next Level ILP for STAR
Quickly assign the next level ILP for students based on their STAR assessment data. Did your student complete a learning path for STAR Reading progression 100 - 149? Select the Assign Next button to assign STAR Reading 150 - 199.

STAR Early Literacy
Use STAR Early Literacy scores to create ILPs for students within the Individualized Learning tab just like you do for the other STAR assessments!

P.S. Happy February! #FBF to our Educate and Celebrate in February Ultimate Update with ideas for incorporating President’s Day and Black History Month into your lesson plans.